Divinely Woman: 5 Affirmations to Retrieve and Unleash Your Divine Feminine Power

AFrican goddess yes!

She ferociously danced under the moonlight in the safety of the forest- her bare feet bruised from the wooden debris scattered on the forest ground. She sang vibrantly from circles formed around rings of fire. She screamed and groaned in caves as she birthed the next generation of humanity. Her body, a planet of hills, mountains and rocky plateaus…Her ripened breast drooping from years of performing primal duties. She revered her body and herself as a testament of the miracles they were created to perform. She had nothing to prove. She embraced her sacred nature. She was undoubtedly Divine. She was free…

Somewhere along the way this wild woman was captured and held prisoner by patriarchal archetypes and religious leaders. Her flames were suffocated and She became nothing more than a suppressed history lesson. Even now, from her dark cell, She weeps for Her daughters. She rages for Her freedom. She calls to us in hopes that we will understand that she lives on within each of us.

As women today, from the earliest moments of of life, most of us are told stories of patriarchal greatness. We are expected to find our reflections in the face of the divine masculine and embrace this one dimensional point of view as truth. We are taught to accept that God- a beautifully expansive being with no human form- is male. We submit to the idea that there is no feminine counterpart to his divine nature. While wild women of the past are depicted as whores, servants, heretics, and witches. Subconsciously, we adopt the philosophy that the matriarchal role is of less importance and femininity is ultimately inferior. We are made to feel that our bodies are not our own and must look a specific way, that our physical desires are sinful in nature, that our monthly flow is an abomination, that the process of giving birth is a curse. This kind of thinking binds us. It diminishes our self worth. It shackles our minds and our spirits.

I invite you to release these debilitating thought patterns and beliefs and embrace ones that empower us as mothers, daughters, lovers, healers, teachers, and creators. Here are five healing affirmations to help you reflect on the wild woman that lies dormant within you.

  1. My body is a miracle and giving birth is a blessing. The birthing process, no matter how it plays out for me, is a testament of my strength. It is a beautiful experience that ensures the  survival of our species.
  2. I am free to love fearlessly and ferociously. I am an emotional and sexual being with the natural desire to share my affection.
  3. My monthly flow is a blessing. As I bleed from my sacred space, I reflect upon my life and listen to my intuition. I accept that this is a physically and spiritually cleansing process and welcome it each month.
  4. My body is my own and I love it unconditionally. Every wrinkle, scar, stretch mark, and dimple on my body tells a story. Like with any story, there are parts that harbor sadness or pain, but I embrace these parts of myself as well. I understand that I write my own stories and can change them as I feel the need.
  5. I am Divine by nature. I am a goddess in physical form. No matter what my religious beliefs are, I choose to honor myself as a powerful matriarchal being.

It is my hope that you find these helpful in unleashing the beautiful beast that rages within you. As a mother of three girls, It is my desire to keep the stories of sacred womanhood alive. I want my daughters to me able to dance wildly in their own sacred forests. I want them to know, love, and express themselves freely without the pressure of living up to someone else’s standards of what a woman should or should not be. I would love for you to leave your own affirmations, stories or feedback in the comments below as a symbol of signing the Wild Woman’s Emancipation Proclamation. Namaste!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. mysanal says:

    Amen. Awomen. I hereby sign this declaration.


    1. Ananda Finnikin says:

      Awomen… I like it!🙂


  2. Maha says:

    Oh thank for sharing this amazing article ♥
    It’s really helpful for me, I like the whole article specialy the wild dance part.

    I strart my journey discovering my divine fimininity about a year ago, I discover that I was looking for me for long time! Finally I found me and celebrating my fimininity and discover the powerful of bieng women more and more ♥

    I am so greatful for you to share this amazing article

    Deep Love from Kuwait,
    Maha ♥


    1. Ananda Finnikin says:

      Thank you Maha! It warms my heart to hear that the article resonated with you so deeply. 🙂


  3. Hashimotos-Hashiwhat says:

    I sign this declaration. I receive it in to my being and I walk in it.


    1. And so it is!




  4. mysanal says:

    So mote it be. Signed and sealed with a kiss.


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