You Survived. Now What?

{ source: pinterest }
{ source: pinterest }

I fell in love with a ghost once

He was, but a shell of a man

Shattered dreams scattered on the floor, my heart he tore

But you, a man of health

Found the dust pan and swept me up

And in your eyes

I realized

That what I thought was broken

Never really was

It simply was in the process of being made.

Whether it is a relationship, a job loss, an illness, or a loss of a loved one, it can feel like a soul quaking experience. These are the moments when our strength is tested and the true determination of our spirit is challenged. How do you not only survive, but rise to the occasion?

First, breathe. This is essential to life. Your breath is your proof of life. You have survived whatever calamity that has befallen you. Congratulations, you have just done the seemingly impossible.  You have made it through to the next step of rebuilding.

You have confirmed you are stronger than you thought, but now what? Nurture and be kind to yourself. This is critical.  You will need to heal. This includes giving yourself plenty of time to rest, eat good food, exercise, and be outdoors.

Surround yourself with music, television, movies, books, and art that make you feel good.  All creative works have the potential to heal by making you feel understood.  Creative expression is one of the greatest gifts of our universe.

Once you have begun to emerge from your cocoon of grief, be selective in who you surround yourself with.  You are in a very sensitive state.  It is important that you align yourself with healing energies.  Seek out the company of those who are understanding, loving, and make you feel safe.  They will help you strengthen your inner resolve – encouragement does that.

Give yourself the gift of time.  In all matters of healing, time is critical.  Be generous with yourself.  Healing times vary and there is no exact science to the amount you will need.

I promise you, if you focus on these steps with all of your intent, there will come a day when you realize that you are a brand new beautiful creature.  Wounds do change us, they have the potential to make us stronger, more understanding, and more loving if you let them.  Embrace your scars it’s your body’s way of reminding you of the changes your soul has made.

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  1. Leslie R says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!


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