Karma in Quotes: A Collective Understanding

KarmaWhat is your understanding of Karma? When we begin to look at what we think about spiritual laws, we are then empowered to grow in our understanding of them in relationship with our deepest selves.
These are quotations from the minds of my Facebook friends, spiritual teachers, Hollywood icons, and Twitter followers. You are a cross-section of the great elusiveness that we call the divine.

These quotes emerge from the ebb of the superficial to the flow of deep introspection.  Look with eyes free of judgment, a heart eager to love, and a mind voracious to learn. This is the reflection of our human culture. Be the change.

“The recognition of the law of the cause and effect, also known as karma, is a fundamental key to understand how you’ve created your world, with actions of your body, speech and mind. When you truly understand karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.”
― Keanu Reeves

“When we breathe in and out, we are creating Karma.  There is no punishment involved it just simply is what has always been and with that we create what will be.”   -Anjana

“We incarnate in order to resolve our past Karma with new opportunities. In the process, we acquire new Karma from this lifetime, ensuring that we’ll be back around again, until all Karma is resolved through the complete self-sacrifice of the enlightened master of many incarnations. One shouldn’t resent one’s Karma: it is simply what we are here to do.” -Gregory Lane

“Hope 2013 is a good year for you all. Remember to be nice to everyone on your way up, coz you’ll meet them on the way down.” #karma @Zoe_PierroJones

“I think of it as a way God runs things so God doesn’t have to micromanage things, just set up the Laws of the Universe, like cause and effect (karma) to do the work. And karma acts as a neutral teacher, showing us that we are interconnected and powerful.” -Leslie Deatrick

“If you send out goodness from yourself, or if you share that which is happy or good within you, it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand times. In the kingdom of love there is no competition; there is no possessiveness or control. The more love you give away, the more love you will have.”
― John O’DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom


“If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”
― Kurt Cobain

“I see karma as a pattern. If someone performs an act, the likelihood of doing it again grows. If it is a “good” act people and events surrounding it will respond “positively”. The same is true for “bad” acts that are met with “negative” responses, like starting fights will eventually lead to an ass kicking.”

– Ryan Merk Arkhym Caughorn

Ellen Karma Quote

“Karma goes with the whole “treat others as you want to be treated”. If you are good to people, then good things will come to you. If you are bad, then that will bring only bad things your way.” – Beth Burkett

“Karma is not something misterious that causes harm to those who harm you but the harm that we cause ourselves naturally when repeating negative patterns.”  – Claudette McCubbin

“Karma is becoming aware, through whatever means works for each individual. Sometimes with the guidance or experience of others or through self discovery.” – Lee Curry

“The clearer the souls awareness of higher guidance, the greater its #freedom from the dictates of #karma.” -Karma and Reincarnation Paramhansa Yogananda

“My best friend got bullied in highschool today she walks into Taco Bell and the girl serving her is the bully.” #KARMA @KrayKhloe

“Giving to those who are less fortunate than others is the best feeling in the world.” –  #Karma Nick Keane

Wayne Dyer

“Karma is the tension of the thread in the human tapestry.” – Jeff Taylor

“It reminds me of being back in school, when your teacher had the chart with everyone’s name on it. When you behaved, you were rewarded with a star or something. When you misbehaved, you lost stars or if bad enough, you went to the office or worse. That system taught us about what can happen as a result of our own actions, and the rewards or consequences for those actions are karma.” –Julie Melton

“It focuses me on doing the right thing all the time. And on being nice even when I don’t feel like it. I can let go because I know karma will take care of those who hurt others with intention.” -Tere Priest

“Though Karma has specific religious meaning from Asia, I think of it within the context of sowing and reaping. God is a rewarder of those that seek Him and do good.” – Richard Barbee

“In my understanding, be it moment to moment or lifetime to lifetime, Karma patiently teaches us how to navigate the obstacles on our path as we climb ever upward toward soul perfection, no matter how vigorously we resist or how many mistakes we make.”   – Edna Dixon

Anne Frank Quote

“I’m not a believer in predetermined fates, being rewarded for one’s efforts. I’m not a believer in karma. The reason why I try to be a good person is because I think it’s the right thing to do. If I commit fewer bad acts there will be fewer bad acts, maybe other people will join in committing fewer bad acts, and in time there will be fewer and fewer of them.”
― Daniel Handler

“Over thinking ruins you, the situation, twists things, makes you worry and amplifies drama.” #Karma – @robpaluch

“Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and rulers forget moral principles. Whether we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion.”
―His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

“You gotta take responsibility for the space you hold here…Understand that the third law of motion which says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? That is my religion. That is the fundamental construct of my religion. And by that I mean, I know that every thought that I think, every thought that I have, that moves into action is going to create an equal and opposite reaction. So everything that I put out into the world is going to come back. It’s the golden rule on steroids. The golden rule on steroids, it’s true.That as you do unto others, they will do unto you? Uh-uh. It’s already done.” – Oprah Winfrey


“Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves.”  -Proverb

“O youth or young man, who fancy that you are neglected by the gods, know that if you become worse, you shall go to worse souls, or if better to the better…  In every succession of life and death, you will do and suffer what like may fitly suffer at the hands of like.  This is the justice of heaven.”  -Plato

“My actions are my only true belongings.  I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.  My actions are the ground upon which I stand.”  -Thich Nhat Hanh

“As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.”  -Sri Guru Granth Sahib

“As the blazing fire reduces wood to ashes, similarly, the fire of Self-knowledge reduces all Karma to ashes.”  –Bhagavad Gita


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  1. Anthony Agyekum says:

    The recognition of the law of the cause and effect, also known as karma, is a fundamental key to understand how you’ve created your world, with actions of your body, speech and mind. When you truly understand karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands. Therefore give priorities to vital moments in your life.

    ~Anthony Agyekum~

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    1. So true! Very intelligent perspective. Thank you for your input.


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