Activate Your Life: Keys to Empowerment

empowermentYou are all ready for the New Year.  You have scoured the house, gotten rid of the unwanted items, and you have a long list of resolutions that you are ready to embark upon.  You have made your list, checked it, and rechecked but one thing could be missing.  Have you cleared your mind and your spirit of all that does not serve your highest and best good? Have you exercised your right to release negative emotion? Have you purged your heart and soul to uncover your most valuable talents and gifts?

There is a difficult jump between what goes on inside of a person with big dreams and goals and what is manifest.  It is an arduous process to create a dream life and you may not realize that you are holding on to the wrong ideals.  It is time for a life review.   Go within and clean out your hearts compartments with these empowering strategies and keys to your very own kingdom.

:: Face Yourself: There is no greater demon than the one you choose NOT to face.  When you take time to look within and fully examine the previous experiences of your life, you will find pathways to the whys.  As you look at the examples of your life and those that either helped or hindered you, parallels are drawn and understanding begins.  It is not an easy process as it forces you to truthfully look at the less fine moments of your life.  The more you look, the more you understand and the greater your chances are of overcoming the tendencies that have brought you less than what you deserve.

Simple Practice: Begin with creating a safe haven in your home.  Light a candle, burn some incense and begin reflecting on yourself with your eyes closed.  As your past difficulties emerge, connect to them.  Disempower negative thoughts with healing internal dialogue.  Re-write your history with positive visualization.  The key is not to allow these thoughts to fester by ignoring them.  They are there to be your greatest teachers.

:: Detoxify Relationships:  If you have completed the first step of facing yourself, you may find that you have had help in the negative thought department from those that have been less than supportive or judgmental of who you are, which has been an undeniable contributing factor to your difficulties in accomplishments.  Make a promise to yourself that you will surround yourself with a support system that not only loves you, but understands you.   These are people that wish to see you be yourself, and will celebrate your triumphs and uplift you in your difficulties.

Simple Practice:  You don’t have to face anyone nor have a confrontation to reclaim your power from the poison they have injected

Visualize the ties that bind  to free yourself from negative relationships.
Visualize the ties that bind to free yourself from negative relationships.

into your soul.  Your antidote is your mind itself.  Begin by continuing the internal dialogue from the first step.  Visualize the person on one side of a doorway and you inside the threshold of your safe haven.  Express to them how you have been made to feel by their words and actions.  As you address the issue imagine a tether being slowly revealed.  This is the tie that binds.  As you finish what you have to say, close the door and allow the cord to be severed by the closing of the door.  Take deep breaths, cry, and purge your emotions.  Replace the void with affirmations and the fulfillment of your wish to yourself. The key is to live life authentically on your own terms.

:: Blow the Dust off Your Dreams:  So you wanted to be an artist in Paris but there was just no way? There is always a way.  Just because your dreams may seem impractical to some people does not mean that they are less important to you.  If every artist lived a life of practicality, we would not have the beauty of the world we live in.  Be daring, and give yourself permission to host a lofty dream. This is the first step in truly believing in yourself.

Simple Practice: Start with a vision board. Make a tangible pathway to your destination.  Tell someone you trust about your desire and ask for support.  Begin to take meaningful steps toward your goals (saving money, networking, practicing) and be consistent.  The key is that you are doing what you love with the time you have.  Do not be attached to the result. Instead, be in the present moment of your creative muse.   This will make you happy for years to come.

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